Splatter Paint Session

Have fun with colors and feed your adventurous edge. Get your creative juices flowing with the splatter paint session at Unchartered Adventures. Throw paint, splash it, or do whatever comes naturally to you. Just let yourself go in the moment and have fun!


There is a canvas waiting to get painted by you. Create a masterpiece with Splatter painting at Unchartered Adventures. Bring your friends, family, and co-workers. Bond with them better through this colorful activity. 


Make your birthday party, college events, and office meetups exciting and colorful than ever. Kyle’s only splatter paint room is here to help you make colorful memories.


All our customers can take home any painting created at Unchartered Adventures. We also offer a customized box for your painting. Let loose and have some fun time with splatter painting.

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Splatter Paint - One Room For All

Splatter painting at Unchartered Adventures is an ideal activity for every age group. We charge an affordable rate of only $30 per person to provide an unmatched experience. 



You will be in a room with black lightings and an amazing music system. We provide all the necessary items such as a poncho suit, hairnet, shoe covers, and gloves. You can see the pictures in our gallery and use them as references. Everything is designed and chosen in such a way that you and your guests get the best experience of splatter painting.



Do you want to maximize your fun? You can to customize an entire day of activities for you and your group? Pair our splatter painting with an exclusive smash car session to double the fun. You can also add extra paint to your session for even more enjoyment. 



Get a whole day of activities planned and personalized with Unchartered Adventures and make it a huge celebration to remember. We have different packages according to the size of your group. Contact our event planners to know more.

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