Splatter Paint Session

Get your creative juices flowing with our splatter painting room at Unchartered Adventures. It is a place to let loose & have fun with colors & art. 


Unleash your creative beast in our splatter room! You & your guests will throw, splash & spray fluorescent paint to build your own unique canvas masterpiece. Then, your one-of-a-kind art creation goes home in a custom box to shield it, ready to hang on your home’s beautiful walls.

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Fun for All Ages Only $30 Per Person

You will be in a black light room with a music speaker for you to use.

You will be wearing a poncho suit similar to the ones in the photos, hairnet, shoe covers & gloves. 


Want to maximize your fun? Couple our splatter paint with our special smash session or make it a huge celebration to remember with our anniversary party package! Of course, you can likewise add extra paint to your fun session for even more productive enjoyment!

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Safe, fun and

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