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Look no further for the best rage room in Austin or San Antonio! Rage rooms or “smash rooms” are a relatively new concept that allows you to destroy random items in a safely-controlled environment. 

While the name “rage room” implies that people smash items because they’re mad…that’s certainly not always the case! Smashing provides a great time for everyone even if you’re not upset! Unchartered Adventures has the best rage rooms near you! 

Welcome to our judgment-free zone where you can laugh, yell, cry, and smash your way for better mental calmness and enjoyment!

It’s much cheaper than therapy and you will leave happy and with a better understanding of the advantages of this new form of entertainment. We welcome you to come to celebrate any and everything! We have rage room sessions from 15 to 30-minutes. 

If you are looking for a rage room in Austin or a rage room in San Antonio, consider our rage rooms as the best way to safely take out your frustrations or stress!  In Kyle, TX, Unchartered Adventures is the best rage room option for you! We feature rage rooms that let you smash items to your heart’s content. Just a short trip from Austin or San Antonio and the fun can begin!

In addition to our rage rooms, we also offer an ideal place for a night out with your family & friends. Unchartered Adventures offer various entertainment alternatives, including axe-throwing, airsoft shooting, black light splatter paint rooms, and more!

When you are with us, be assured that you are absolutely safe. We provide a complete set of safety and protective gear, including gloves, coveralls, a face shield, vest & hard hat. We have all sizes for adults and youth.

We also provide weapons (mallets, bats, pipes, etc.) and many other items to use to break things. We take care of everything. Relieve your stress & have fun with your friends at our great venue!

Why Choose Us For Rage Rooms Adventures?

Previously “512 Rage Room”, we changed our name to ‘Unchartered Adventures’ in May of 2021 at 395 CR 202, Ste. 17B. We want to provide a way for people to ‘let some stress out’ in a safe & fun environment. With so much stress and anxiety in the world, our rage rooms are here to help you to de-stress. 

Although we provide safety gear, you can select the weapons you prefer, blast your favorite music & have a smashing good time destroying and crushing the smash items in the room. We have some of the best items to smash!

Some of them are bottles, copiers, printers, TVs, and you can even get whole cars to smash if you want!

When you are done and satisfied, you don’t even have to worry about cleaning up. Junk removal is on us and the crew at Unchartered Adventures will take care of this for you.

Feel free to book a session to let loose, break all the items you want, and have lots of fun!

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Unchartered Adventures

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