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The Austin & San Antonio Region’s Best Smash Room Experience, aka Rage Room, Smash Houses, or Smash Therapy. Smash rooms are a relatively new concept that allows you to destroy random items in a safely-controlled environment. 

When you are with us, you are absolutely safe. We provide a complete set of protective gear, including gloves, coveralls, a face shield, vest & hard hat. We also give weapons (mallets, bats, pipes, etc.) and many other items to use to break things. We take care of everything. Relieve your stress & take it out on us!

We provide your PPE (personal protective equipment), you can select the weapon of destruction you want, blast your favorite music & have a smashing good time destroying, crushing almost each & everything present in the room to pieces. 

When you are done and satisfied, you don’t even have to worry about cleaning up. Our crew at Unchartered Adventures will take care of this stuff for you.

Go ahead, break all that you want and have fun!

"So do you like, go in the room and start breaking sh*t?"

Basically, yes.

Once you’re in the Rage Room by your self or with your friends, we close the door you are able to break, throw, hit, scream, and smash right away.

How it Works

Step #1

Book an appointment for desired date/time.

Step #2

Arrive at your appointment on time to and suit up.

Step #3

Destroy, Destruct, and Demolish to your heart’s content.

Step #4

Share your photos or videos on your Social Media platforms to show your friends!

Choose a Rage Room Adventure Below

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Castaway Smash Adventure
$39 / person

15 minute session each person will receive:
- 1 crate of fragile breakables
- Durprise gift
- Bottled water
- Safety gear
- Bluetooth speaker

Suitable for ages 10+

Rage Rooms, Smash Room

Angry Pirate Smash Adventure
$59 / person

30 minute session each person will receive:
- 2 crates of breakable items
- Surprise Gift
- Bottled water
- Safety gear
- Bluetooth speaker

Suitable for ages 10+

rage room near me,smash room near me

Ultimate Variety Package
$135 / person

Rage Room + Mafia Escape Room + Splatter Paint + Axe Throwing
- 2 hours worth of activities including the following:
- 2 crates of breakables per person
- 30 minute smash session
- 30 mins axe throwing session
- 30 mins splatter paint session (includes UV paint and art canvas)
- 60 minute mafia escape room experience
- bottled water & safety gear
- Bluetooth speaker

Suitable for ages 12+


Come for genuine stress relief, or come to kill a few hours in a fun way — no matter what brings out your inner Rageaholic, we’ve got the space, the breakables, and the demolition equipment to exhaust your energy until it’s subdued back into a manageable state of serenity. Book your car smashing session online today, or reserve a unit for another group activity, event, or solo destruction adventure!


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rage room, smash room, break room near me

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rage room, smash room, break room near me

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rage room near me

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We are in Kyle, Texas, 20 minutes south of Austin and one hour north of San Antonio.  Our address is 395 county road 202, Building 17B.  We are in the back of the County Line Business Park Warehouse Complex.  For a map and directions, click here.

No, all sessions are private unless you want others in the room with you.

8+ for smashing/rage activities.  18+ for axe throwing and any age for splatter paint.  Minors are required to be supervised by an adult at all times (not exactly in the same room but must be observed).  Adults/Guardians must be willing to sign a waiver for minor participants.

Bowling pins, frying pans, sledgehammers, pick axes, and baseball bats

Yes, up to 5, but we can accommodate larger groups.

We are open 7 days per week. 1-10pm by appointment.



If you’re new to the Unchartered Adventures experience, you may be wondering what, if anything, you need to bring in order to get the most out of your destruction therapy session. To put it simply, you really don’t have to plan on doing much at all. All we ask is that you bring yourself, honor your emotions, and get ready to swing, smack, and shatter with full-force. We’ll happily ensure that you have the rest of what you need.