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Frequently asked questions about visiting Unchartered Adventures.

We are in Kyle, Texas, 20 minutes south of Austin and one hour north of San Antonio.  Our address is 395 county road 202, Building 17B.  We are in the back of the County Line Business Park Warehouse Complex.  For a map and directions, click here.

No, all sessions are private unless you want others in the room with you.

8+ for smashing/rage activities.  18+ for axe throwing and any age for splatter paint.  Minors are required to be supervised by an adult at all times (not exactly in the same room but must be observed).  Adults/Guardians must be willing to sign a waiver for minor participants.

Bowling pins, frying pans, sledgehammers, pick axes, and baseball bats

Yes, up to 5, but we can accommodate larger groups.


Please wear regular attire.  You will be wearing coveralls over your clothing.  We ask that you do not wear open toed shoes/sandals.

You are welcome to drink during your axe throwing activities or paint splatter activities but not during your rage room/smashing events.  You can drink after your rage/smash session is over.  We have a beer/wine permit.  We have a bar lounge for after your session is completed where you can watch other participants smash during their sessions.

Pricing is based on the number of items you break, how big the items are and the time you spend in the rage room. We apply a group discount of 10% off for 10 or more participants.

You will be breaking a wide variety of items, big and small.  Here are some examples – dishes, wine glasses, liquor bottles, beer bottles, coffee mugs, toys, electronics, such as printers, keyboards, flat screen monitors, TV monitors, projection TVs, pianos, kids cars, and even real cars.

We welcome walk-ins. You may also phone (512) 537-3113 or visit the website to make a reservation. We can also be contacted by email at

Yes, we highly encourage you to take as many pictures and videos you want at the venue and post to any social media platforms you wish!


Up to 12 participants. If we are out of cars we will honor the car price.

We do not prepare food at the venue but we have a partnership with Bravo Company BBQ and Catering. Their information can be found here.

No, we don’t.

Nothing in life is guaranteed.  However, if you follow the safety guidelines, your host will discuss them with you. These guidelines will lower your chances of being injured while participating in the activities.


No, but we highly recommend it.

Yes, you can. However, we have a short list of restricted items.  Participants that bring their own items still have to pay the $38 fee to use the rage room and purchase one crate of breakables.

You can wear anything comfortable. Make sure you have shoes or boots on –  no open-toed shoes or sandals.

We disinfect all safety gear between each use.  Although masks are not required, they are highly recommended.

Yes, we provide a helmet, hearing protection, face shield, gloves, coveralls (optional), and eye protection.

Yes, we have speakers that have a Bluetooth connection.  We do not provide music.

We have a professional photographer on site most days out of the week.  Professional photography is $35 for the entire album (1-2 short videos and 10 photos).

No, we do not allow alcohol consumption until after your smash room session is complete.

M-F: 12PM-10PM
SUN: 12PM-10PM

We are open most holidays, except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Full refund more than 7 days out. Within 7 days, one re-booking with no fee.  You can convert your booking deposit to a gift card or reschedule.

395 County Road 202 #17B in the County Line Business Park located in Kyle, TX, behind Simon Middle School and Hemphill Elementary School.

You will be responsible for the deposit you paid plus the amount for anyone who shows from your group that has not been paid for already.

Yes, call for a quote. It’s based on day of the week and the duration of your rental.

We give you time to change, sign waivers, use the lounge area, and to tag the car with spray paint.

Yes, people do the activities by themselves all the time.

Yes, we have 4k quality video feed from our security cameras in each room that you can purchase for $20 per video, per room, which records your entire session.


15+ with parent signature.

8 people. (we have 4 lanes).


Each person receives 4 jars of UV paint.

Please wear clothing that is loose fitting and something that you wouldn’t mind if paint got on it.  The paint is water soluble (washes out easily).


4 people shooting at once  (2 at a time).

Safety gear provided, you can wear anything.

Yes, but allow walk-ins if we have time available.

It has escape room features, but is not exclusively an escape room.

Yes, call for quote.

No, but we sell drinks at venue.

Full refund within 7 days out. Otherwise, no refunds, rescheduling only.

Yes, call for quote.

In our game, you do not shoot each other. However, some of the bbs can bounce off of the playfield.  As long as you have your eye protection on, you should be fine.

Yes, we sell airsoft weapons.

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