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Experience the thrill of Demolition Detour Escape Rooms with Unchartered Adventures and create memories that will last a lifetime – no matter your age! Challenge your mental prowess and analytical skills with our exhilarating escape rooms! Our tailor-made options provide endless entertainment and fun whether you’re together with friends or family. For an even more immersive experience, we even offer live actors in some of the games.


Are you in search of a thrilling escape room experience? Look no further than Unchartered Adventures! Our rooms are designed to test your problem-solving skills and bring an unparalleled level of excitement. Plus, with a variety of themes available, you can find the perfect one for any occasion! Don’t miss out on this opportunity – book your adventure at Unchartered Adventures today!

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What Is An Escape Room?

Embark on an interactive journey of the mind when you play this thrilling physical adventure game. You are locked in a room and must use your environment to piece together clues, solve puzzles, and escape before time runs out! Our escape rooms take things to a whole new level with live actors, airsoft guns and thrilling mysteries for you and your team to solve. Uniquely designed puzzles will test both minds and teamwork as you work against the clock in this exciting challenge!


Our escape room experience is more immersive than ever before – an adventure beyond compare! An escape room experience has been around for a while, yet it’s now captivating the nation with more and more people searching for an escape room near them.

Challenge Yourself and Compete in the Most Exciting Escape Room

Whether you’re part of a family, group of friends or work colleagues, our escape rooms provide the perfect opportunity for everyone to participate and have an amazing time. With activities suitable for all ages and skill levels, there’s something fun for everyone! Test your wits and unravel the mystery of one of Kyle’s escape rooms – a great source of entertainment that will have you wanting to come back for more fun! Our uniquely developed rooms offer a multi-sensory experience that stimulates players’ minds and bodies. We collaborated with the best in order to bring you the most sought after escape room games across the nation!

Why Choose Unchartered Adventures For Your Escape Room Experience?

Our extraordinary uniqueness sets us apart from the competition, but that’s not all that we have to offer! Here are a few other reasons why you should choose us:

  • Whatever your preference, we have a wide selection of rooms to choose from; each offering its own distinct set of exhilarating adventure.
  • Our rooms are designed to be entirely immersive, making you feel as though the story is unfolding around you.
  • Our employees are driven by providing our guests with an experience they will never forget.

Stop waiting and start experiencing! Join us at Unchartered Adventures for the highest quality escape rooms. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed – come see for yourself!

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