Car Smashing With Friends – Here’s How To Do It Right?

When most people think of car smashing, they picture criminals in movies using sledgehammers to break into cars. But car smashing can be a fun & exciting way to spend time with friends. So if you’ve ever been in a situation where you & your friends are bored & need something exciting to do, car smashing might be the answer.

Smashing car is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush & some fun memories, read on! You only need to be cautious that one gets hurt. In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to smash a car properly with your buddies. 

What Is Car Smashing & Why Do People Do It?

Car smashing is breaking a car’s windows or doors with a heavy object. Most people who have participated in this have confirmed that it is a great way to relieve stress or anger. 

This adventure sport boosts the thrill factor in participants. Breaking things & this adventure allows you to have fun without harming anyone. If you & your friends are looking for an adrenaline-pumping activity, smashing car at Unchartered Adventures might be the perfect thing. 

Always ensure no one is inside the car & you are fully covered before you start smashing!

How To Smash A Car The Right Way?

Smash Car in San Antonio, TX | Unchartered Adventures

Now that you know what car smashing is & why people do it, it’s time to learn how to do it correctly. Follow these tips to make sure everyone has a safe & enjoyable time:

  • Make sure no one is inside the car before you start smashing.
  • Cover your hands & arms with thick gloves to protect yourself from glass shards.
  • Wear long pants & a long-sleeved shirt to cover as much skin as possible.
  • Put on safety goggles or glasses to protect your eyes from flying glass.
  • Choose a heavy object to break the windows or doors, such as a sledgehammer, baseball bat, or crowbar.
  • Find a safe place to stand while you swing at the car. You don’t want to be in the way if the glass shatters & flies toward you.
  • Take a few practice swings to get a feel for the weight & power of your chosen object.
  • When you’re ready, swing at the glass with all your might!

Smashing a car can be fun, but doing it right is essential. Follow these tips & you’ll be sure to have a safe & enjoyable time with your friends. 

Top 3 Safety Tips For Car Smashing With Friends

1. Check The Vehicle Before Smashing It.

For safety reasons, ensure no one is inside the car before smashing it. You should also check for flammable materials inside the car, such as gasoline or propane tanks.

2. Wear Proper Safety Gear At All Times.

Do not swing the object blindly. Make sure you know where everyone is before you start swinging. Also, be aware of your surroundings.

3. Do Not Drink Alcohol Before Or During The Session. 

This could impair your judgment & increase the chances of someone getting hurt.

If you’re new to this adventure, start with smaller objects like windshields or side windows. The oversized windows & doors are more challenging & dangerous for beginners.

Now that you know how to smash a car the right way, it’s time to get out there & have some fun with your friends! Just remember to stay safe & follow the rules & you’re sure to have a good time. 

Unchartered Adventures Offers Car Smashing Starting at $600 – Up To 12 People

Smash Car in Kyle, TX | Unchartered Adventures

Before your frustration, anxiety & anger get the best of you, do something about it. At Unchartered Adventures, we have an indoor setup where you can smash a car & release all of your pent-up frustrations. Participating in one of our car-smashing events here in Texas can reset your mind & help you to feel refreshed. 

Smash & demolish vehicles to relieve stress. Destroy them with bats, axes & sledgehammers. We have many vehicles including cars, trucks & SUVs. Our vehicles are thoroughly inspected to ensure they are safe & ready to be smashed. 

We want you to have the best possible experience at our car smash event, so please feel free to choose any vehicle you like. Our standard package of car smashing starts at $600 & includes up to 12 people. 

However, we also offer different packages that can be customized according to your group size. So please don’t hesitate to reach out & ask about our other options!

Smash Your Stress Away With Unchartered Adventures’ Car Smashing

There you have it – our guide to smashing cars with your friends. We hope you enjoyed reading it & are now eager to come to smash some cars with us here at Unchartered Adventures

At Unchartered Adventures, we know how to have a good time. That’s why we offer car-smashing experiences for groups of friends looking for an adrenaline rush & some laughs. 

If you want to do it right, here are our tips. Make sure everyone is on the same page about what to expect. This includes agreeing on who smashes the car and when the event will end. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting ruined- trust us, they will be! 

And finally, make sure you have plenty of photos & videos taken so you can look back on your experience with fond memories. Ready to take your friendship to the next level? 

Contact us today to book your car-smashing experience!

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