$600 - Up To 12 People

Get rid of frustration, anxiety, and anger before it consumes you. Smash a car at Unchartered Adventures’ indoor setup and release your pent-up frustrations. Reset your mind by participating in a car smashing event in Texas. 


The cash smashing event at Unchartered Adventures lets you release your tension and relax your mind. Smash and demolish vehicles to ease the stress. Destroy them with bats, axes and sledgehammers. 


We have a wide range of vehicles including cars, trucks, and SUVs. Each vehicle has air in the tires as well as windows, taillights, and headlights intact. We take all the safety precautions necessary to ensure that you leave your stress behind and go home in a fresh mood and a relaxed mental state. Plan your car smashing event and select the vehicle of your choice.


Car Smash in an indoor event. We have the capacity to hold up to 12 people for $600. Talk to us about different packages according to your group size and we can customize a package for you.

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Car Smash In An Indoor Event

Unchartered Adventures is well stocked with all the facilities and equipment needed to make your experience memorable. The vehicle is prepared for the event under the supervision of our expert planners. We take all precautions and remove fluids, batteries, gasoline tanks, airbags, and anything that might pose a safety hazard for visitors. 

Our indoor car smash venue can be customized according to your theme. The vehicle can be spray painted with different colors and graffiti. Small targets can be drawn if you wish to make it more engaging and interesting for your guests. Let us know your requirements and we will get it done for you. 

In addition to all the amazingly customized facilities, we also provide bluetooth speakers. You can jam while you smash and set a high-spirited vibe with your guests. Do not worry about cleaning up after, we will be cleaning up for you.

De-stress your mind with the most stress-busting car smash event at Unchartered Adventures. Call us and our team will be happy to assist you with the best services.

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